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CPS Barcode Wedge Software

Serial data acquisition software (RS232 and USB) - enables barcode scanners and readers to communicate
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14 August 2012

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This is software that reads barcode data serially from barcode readers.

CPS barcode wedge software enables serial barcode scanners to communicate with any Windows application through the serial COM ports of a PC. Excel, Access, statistical software or whatever else that works in the Windows environment. The interface is organized such that the major signals of the COM port selected are lit up, as they are changing, when the communication is actually happening. These signals are CTS, DSR, SND, RCV, BRK and ERR. On the left of the panel, the COM ports selected are indicated with lighted green points. You could either manually select the ports that would communicate or let the machine choose from the available ports in the machine. The software on the PC is able to communicate with more than one reader. Filter configuration is completely user configurable.

Users would be able to create charts and graphs in their application, that will automatically show the current data and change the graphs and charts. Data that goes into the databases/Excel sheets also get automatically date and time stamped. There are no hardware additions required to get this set up going. No programming is required either. Therefore, even a complete newbie can get productive very quickly. The interface is well designed and has a pleasing look about it. The program controlling the data reception from the serial scanners can also send command and configuration data to effectively manage the devices. If you have the need for reading and managing multiple barcode scanners, may be in a store of some sort, here is a very handy tool.

Publisher's description

CPS Plus serial data acquisition software enables serial barcode scanners to communicate with any Windows application.
+ Connect multiple bar code readers simultaneously!
+ Fully configurable data filters, to get data you want from the input strings.
+ Log options: keystroke mode, DDE mode (Excel, Access ...). + Create charts and graphs in your applications that automatically update with data from your serial devices / instruments.
+ Input real time data into Excel, Access, statistical software ... any Windows application.
+ Automatic Date and Time stamping.
+ Very easy to use.
+ No hardware additions required! No programming required.
CPS Barcode Wedge Software
CPS Barcode Wedge Software
Version 6.1
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